Living free is a super fun, interactive program providing the youth with a friendly and healthy platform to explore some of life's biggest questions and struggles faced by the youth of our generation. Over the last two years living free has been conducted in Schools, Colleges and at our own location with over 2000 People attending the program. Our sessions help the youth experience love, forgiveness and a way to freedom..A big journey from the head to the heart. We are here to give them the reality of life, overlaid with truth to help them see the difference between truth and deception. In short, its aims to open the eyes of the youth to the reality around them.

Why living Free?
We all have some issues or the other that we struggle with on a regular basis. Addictions, Relational problems, Depression, Constant pressure to prove ourselves and keeping up to societal trends. We’re either constantly searching for help, living in denial or have accepted pain and failure as a part of our life. But do we live with it or is there a way out?
Did you ever think why there is so much of pain, corruption and struggles? Were we made to live in such an environment? When we were young did we ever think that we will turn into substance abusers, robbers, molesters, drunkards etc? How do some evolve into people who contribute to society, while others into a menacing threat?
Why do we do what we do? Our heart is to reach out to the youth of our city, ranging from 18years to 35 years old, as we feel compassionate towards them, and in them we see who we used to be.

Our youth constantly battle Identity crises, Rejection, Lust, Anxiety and Suicidal tendencies. Everybody goes through it, yet no one talks about it until it’s too late. Then of course there is alcohol and smoking. Something that’s considered a way of life. So what happens when it’s no longer social-drinking? When it becomes a compulsion. It’s no longer cool when it controls you instead. What starts as a simple thing with a bunch of friends, can so easily becoming life threatening, empty and can put us in bondage.Suffering. What about suffering? Another common situation. But why does it happen? And why do bad things happen to good people? Is God really even relevant today? And what about love? Everyone seems to be in a relationship. So what is love anyway? And is the person you’re dating the ‘right one’ or are you just settling? How does one find out anyway? And what about sex? Is it good or bad? How does it affect a person? Where does one go when the only solution left is suicide? When we want the pain to end. No one wants to die. Is there another way out? What other way exists where one can be free of all the baggage of the past and free of all the pain and be really, truly happy? Have you ever wondered how much you are worth? What your identity is? Come and explore reasons, answers, and as well as solutions.
"Come experience the Truth to Freedom."


The program helps them to explore different facets of life from God’s man's point of view.The program consists of interactive sessions containing:


Who is God?How can I Connect with Him?

Why all the suffering in the world?

The Truth Behind addictions

Way to freedom

Followed by one on one sessions







Real life stories


One to One


The content for the program is based on biblical principles, research and real life cases.









26th Jan

Around 80 people attended
LivingFree in English

18th Feb

Around 50 people attended
LivingFree in English

24th MARCH

Around 50 people attended
LivingFree in English.

24th June

Around 100 people attended
LivingFree in English

16th September

Around 90 people attended
LivingFree in English

28th October

Around 50 people attended
LivingFree in English

16th December

Around 50 people attended
LivingFree in English

what people had to say

" I have got to know so much about life. This program was very nice, I would love to attend more programs like this. Thank You "

" The program really made me think about my past. All the topics spoken were very useful to me. This meeting has added a meaning to my meaningless life."

"I was numb and frustrated when I came for the service but God touched me and my many doubts were cleared and I am feeling so light and cheerful right now."

" It was really helpful. I have denied many times when my sister asked me to attend, but now I realized how helpful it is. Thanks. "

" First of all I would like to thank you people for this fantastic programme. It gave me a lot of positive thinking. Overall it was very good. Thank You"

"It helped me a lot in my life. I'm so happy at last. Now I am free from all my problems and thanks to you and your team members."

" This experience has really helped me admit all my burdens and yes, I am ready to forgive and I am going to start a new life. "

“Worth attending the program. Learnt many positive things, that would change my lifestyle. “

"This programme was really interesting and motivating.I really got much knowledge and idea to deal about our life and fight against with our problem."

Our Amazing Team

Hey! We’re a fun, loud and sometimes (a little) crazy group of around 30 who have a heart to reach out to the youth. That’s because everyone on the team has gone through similar issues in their own lives. Which is why each one of us understands pain, loss, rejection, depression, and so much more. Life, as they say, wasn’t too good to us. But despite that, in our moment of need, we encountered the Way, the Truth and found Life. We experienced the answers that we were looking for. We found hope and life to the fullest. Life so abundant and full that we don’t need anything else to satisfy us. And that is what we’re passionate about sharing. We want to help the youth who are going through the very same things. We love you!


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The Living Free Program #15, Elegant Poise, 2nd Floor, Heerachand Road,Cox Town, Bangalore-560005.
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